Author Topic: Who Would've Ever Guessed?  (Read 1578 times)


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Who Would've Ever Guessed?
« on: June 05, 2007, 11:38:08 AM »
Okay, and be honest here, who ever thought that it would be the "other" Junior (Martin Truex, Jr.) that would get TEI's first win of 2007?  Seriously.  I'm not a betting man, but if I were, I'd be willing to wager that the number of people who would have had Truex winning before Earnhardt would be so infinitesimal that it wouldn't even register on a percent scale.  Now then, for the sake of argument, let's say that 50% of you had called that.  No one thought he would do it in such dominating fashion.

In Monday's rain-postponed Autism Speaks 400 presented by Visa at Dover International Speedway, the #1 car was the class of the field pretty much from the drop of the green flag.  This race kind of reminded me of the old days when there'd be just 2 or 3 cars that had hit on the right setup, and they ran away with the race.  The fact that there were so few cautions (7, two of which were competition yellows) made it even more of a runaway, because the guys who were way off had pretty much no chance to make up the time they lost, and the guys that were slightly off had no time to do much other than try to hang on to the lead lap.

While I totally respect what Truex's team pulled off Monday, this race made me really thankful that we generally have as many contenders for the win as we do.  Think about it; in a typical Cup race these days, there are anywhere from 8-15 cars that have a legitimate shot at winning the race.  As the race winds down, that number dwindles down to 3 or 4, but the fact that so many have a shot is cool.  When you look at Monday's race at Dover, on Lap 10 of the race it was apparent that there were only going to be two cars contending for this one: the #1 and the #12.  I'm by no means saying that it was a boring race, because it wasn't.  Every now and then it is nice to see someone put a spanking on the field.  I'm just saying that I'm glad we no longer see this week in and week out like we did in years gone by.

Congratulations Martin Truex, Jr. on your first ever points-paying Cup win.  Will this be enough to keep you at TEI for years to come?  Only time will tell.

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Re: Who Would've Ever Guessed?
« Reply #1 on: June 16, 2007, 03:09:48 PM »
So far, so good. but still early, the confidence gained by this team is refreshing. Go JR. The other one. lol
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