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Marketplace Rules and Suggestions
« on: April 30, 2008, 02:26:32 AM »

This is not a place for commercial entities (large or small) to spam our forum. It's a place for you to buy, sell or trade personal items.


Start your title with your intentions of buying, selling, etc.  Examples:

FS = For Sale

WTB = Wanting To Buy

Trade = Trade (duh)

Feeler = Just testing the waters.

Also, be at least somewhat detailed in your thread title. If you're looking for a particular item like a T-shirt, include the word "T-shirt" in the title.  If you want one from a particular driver, include the driver's name in the title.  Example:

WTB: Ricky Bobby T-shirts

It's also a good idea to mention in your post what type of payments you're willing to offer (or accept) and how you'd like interested parties to contact you. "PM Me", "Email me at, etc.

Finally, and most importantly, please remember that NASCARDIAC offers no guarantees on payments being made or items being delivered.  We're simply providing a medium for our members to buy, sell and trade directly with each other. Please do so at your own risk.
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