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All About "The Rookie"
« on: March 28, 2007, 03:26:08 PM »
LMAO @ watching a bunch of hillbillies turn left for 500 miles?! How brain-dead would one have to be to actually enjoy such a thing?

As recently as October 2006, that was exactly how I felt. My favorite sport was Mixed Martial Arts (UFC, Pride, etc.), and I had recently sworn off football, after following my beloved Denver Broncos religiously for over 30 years.

My good friend, and partner in grime, Quack, is a huge NASCAR fan. He eats, sleeps and drinks racing. While my method of clearing my overloaded brain is to find a small issolated stream in the Rocky Mountains and cast a fly rod all day, his is to get behind the wheel of a gocart, and tear up his local track.

After hearing him, and a few other friends, talk about it for a while, I just had to test drive NASCAR for myself. I had to at least get an understanding of what the appeal was. On a cold Sunday morning in November, I parked my butt in front of the TV and tuned in to watch the Left Turn Circuit in action.

I found my first race to be mildly entertaining. I didn't become a fan, but I found it amusing enough that I figured it was a good way to kill another Sunday afternoon. After all, I had a massive Sunday void to fill that the NFL used to populate. I ended up watching the last 3 races of the season. Still, I didn't think I was a fan.

What really got me hooked was the Sunday after the season ended. My racing was gone? WTF?! I couldn't tell you why, but I was craving me some NASCAR! I didn't feel like a fan. I mean, I didn't even have a favorite driver, how could I miss it so much?

Then came Daytona 2007... Wow! That was quite possibly one of the most exciting sporting events I've ever seen. That totally did it for me. The rest, as they say, is history.

Many of you have probably been fans since the beginning of time. Of that, I am jealous. There's no way I could possible absorb and appreciate the history of stock car racing the way that you have. Nevertheless, I'd like to invite you to stay tuned to this column, so you can see NASCAR through the eyes of a "rookie" fan.
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