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Nascar Racing at Texas
« on: November 11, 2007, 03:05:09 PM »
Each time I go to the race at Texas, I can’t imagine how it could be any better than the last race I attended. Somehow I end having an even better time. This race is no exception.

Friday night at Trackside was great. The sign was able to give Nascardiac some great exposure. Of course the fact that Sadler was at Trackside was the best thing of all. I tried to work my way through the crowd to get as close to Sadler as possible. At one point a drunken man in front of me realized I was a Sadler fan and grabbed or groped me and pulled me in front of him to get me closer to Sadler. I must admit, I didn’t think Sadler could get any better looking than what I have seen on TV or in pictures, I was wrong. That man is absolutely gorgeous in person. He has great charisma and the most striking eyes. After Trackside was over he came down to do autographs. This was the moment of truth. Was I going to get through this without being hauled off to jail? As Sadler approached me my mind was focused on one thing, getting him to autograph our Nascardiac sign. With that focus in mind and getting a picture of Sadler and I together was all I could think of. The next thing I knew he was right in front of me. I handed him my silver Sharpie and he began signing the sign. I asked him if he would mind posing for a picture with me. He so graciously said he didn’t mind at all. We posed for the picture as Signholder held the camera. The next thing I knew Signholder held the camera way up in the air and snapped the picture. Did he get the picture I have been waiting my whole racing fan life to have? I went into a fit of fury and began yelling who knows what at Signholder and beating him in front of Sadler and the whole crowd. I could not for the life of me understand why he did that. I think that was the closest I came to being arrested that night. I was clearly assaulting Signholder for what I perceived as ruining the picture of a lifetime. He finally calmed me down and explained that a woman was holding something in front of my face for Sadler to sign. Needless to say, Sadler now thinks I am one crazy mean woman that he was probably very glad to get away from. Never the less, I got to meet him and got the sign autographed.

On Saturday, after the Busch race, we finally met up with #1Jimmiefan. I was talking to her on the way to meet her at the warehouse. We finally met and had a group hug. Then a drunken man passing by joined in on the group hug. It was quite hilarious. We visited with her for a while then made plans to meet up with her and Notyomama latter than night.
After wrapping up things we were doing that night, Texas16, Signholder and I met up with #1Jimmiefan, Notyomama, and some people they met camping next to them and had some beers. I must say, I had an absolutely fantastic time. They are some of the greatest people you could ever meet. #1Jimmiefan, Texas16, the camping neighbor husband and I took off on a golfcart to go the grocery store while Signholder, Notyomama, Notyomama’s friend, and camping neighbor’s wife stayed at camp by the fire. Texas16 kept her reputation for driving a golfcart like a racecar, and kept the group that stayed behind entertained as they watched us racing around trying to find the camp on our way back from the store. The people who stayed behind had a drunken visitor who nearly fell into the fire but was kept from it when Notyomama stuck his foot out to prevent the fall. He did stop the fall but his foot got the poor drunk right in the family jewels. Needless to say, the drunk abruptly left the group. It was a great time and it was very hard to leave when the time came. I didn’t want to leave. When you meet such great people and have as good a time as we did leaving is just not something that is easily done. We hugged and hugged and hugged then we raced off in the golfcart waving goodbye until they were no longer in sight. It was sad but we had such a good time and can’t wait to do it again.

Finally it is raceday. We had to do some cooking for the warehouse before we left for RaceDay. The boss wanted some burgers cooked that morning so we began our task. My knee was bothering me a little that day so I wore my brace to keep from reinjuring it. While cooking at the grill, some hot grease splattered into my eye. Texas16 put a patch on my eye since the air was causing it to burn even more. I asked her to make it “Nascarish”. After she applied the patch she wrote, Sadler19 on it and off I went to finish the burgers. When the big boss saw me he told Texas 16 I was to go to the outfield care center and that it was not a request but an order. Reluctantly I went to the care center to have my eye examined. When I arrived I was ushered to a room and the paramedic began removing my patch. When he saw the patch, he fell over on me laughing hysterically. Needless to say my eye was OK and back to the warehouse I went. Signholder and I then left to go to RaceDay. We fought our way through the crowd about an hour before airtime. When the cameras finally began to roll. Signholder had a great spot but I couldn’t see my sign on the monitor. I began looking to see what was being shown over Kenny’s shoulder. I finally saw the area being shown but it was behind the monitor. I wasn’t sure how I was going to make this work. I decided to call Quack and see if he could spot for me. He did a fabulous job. The sign got great exposure, both of them did. I am so excited to see we have some new members due to the exposure. Welcome to all the newbies!

After the race, it was time to cook again. Signholder was asked to help out in the warehouse. He did a great job. I was on cooking duty by myself. I was grilling ribs after grilling bacon wrapped jalapinos. The grease from the bacon in the bottom of the grill caught fire. I was fighting a blaze when the big boss came out the warehouse door, saw me fighting the fire and yelled out my name. I told him I had it under control. He shook his head at me while talking on his phone and didn’t leave until the fire was out. All was well and the food was quickly eaten.

What a fun and eventful weekend. I must send a shout out to Texas16 for hosting a fun-filled weekend. Dreams really do come true. I met my Sadler boy, met #1Jimmiefan and hubby, and had a great race to watch. Who could ask for more? Specials thanks to someone who tried to get a message to Sadler asking him to be sure and sign our sign. Thanks for trying!
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Re: Nascar Racing at Texas
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2007, 03:25:52 PM »
I'm Speechless, and you are all Amazing.  I can't even begin to wonder what it takes to prepare for these races for us Fans to enjoy.
Thank you SS#19, I am so glad you were able to meet your Sadler Boy.  I'm just sorry that he now has an Order of Protection against ya  ;)