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Texas Motor Speedway Road Tour Adventure
« on: September 25, 2007, 05:22:53 PM »
I know you have all heard that Signholder, TMS16, and I went on a promotional tour for Texas Motor Speedway. I just had to share the trip with all of you here at Nascarciac. It was a blast and let’s just say that it was not uneventful.

We started the trip at TMS on Thursday afternoon. We didn’t even get out of the parking lot when we had our first caution flag. The TMS flag in the back window came loose and I had to retrieve the debris from the parking lot. We were off to Palestine, Texas. As we left Dallas, we got our first black flag. We had to pit due to some trim on the trailer flapping in the wind. We could have easily caused damage to another vehicle had it hit them. Pit stop completed and we were off again. We arrived at the hotel and then went to dinner. I ended up a little on the tipsy side before dinner was even served. Later at the hotel, we went to the trailer to get our luggage when we noticed a mother skunk and her baby in the parking lot by the trailer. Fortunately, we didn’t upset them and pay the awful price.

The next day we worked the trailer in Palestine and Tyler before departing for Monroe, Louisiana. As we were filling up with gas on our way out of town, a man at the gas station wanted to buy a hat. So Signholder and I opened up the trailer. The man went in with Signholder to look at the hats while TMS16 came up and wondered why the trailer was open. She burst out laughing when I told her we were selling a hat. That was a good laugh for the rest of the night. We arrived in Monroe about 12:30 a.m. First we had to find a parking lot big enough for the trailers. Signholder, TMS16, and I were the last of the group to arrive. We walked into the hotel only to find the group on the couches. One guy said that we might be sleeping on them. Come to find out, not only was the hotel being remodeled but also the hotel’s machine that keys the cards was not working. They had to go to another hotel to key a master card so that we could be let into our rooms. I went to the restroom while TMS16 and Signholder went to get the luggage. When I returned to the lobby everyone had gone. The desk clerk said that the security guy who had the master key card was taking them to their rooms. I found out our room number and started to the second floor to meet up with the others. I looked at the floor plan map in the hallway and went on my merry way. Needless to say, the map was wrong. After roaming around what seemed like an eternity, I heard the loud voices of the group and found my way to them. After much difficulty the security guard was able to let everyone into his or her room. Our room had only one bed. I told the Security guard that I needed a room with two beds. He could not understand why I needed two beds. After much discussion, he called down to the desk and got us another room. I called TMS16 to let her know we were in a different room than was assigned to us due to insufficient number of beds. She said that the clerk had no idea what room anybody was in and that we could stay in whatever room we could get into. I told her to be sure and ask for directions to the room since the room locator map was incorrect. The next thing I know Signholder, pulling the suitcase behind him, goes sailing past the turn in the hallway with TMS16 in tow. We finally all settled into our molded, rugtorn, mildewed rooms and fell comatose onto the beds. Before we went totally comatose we noticed that the smoke detector was hanging from the ceiling by a wire. We wondered if it even worked, then rolled over and died.

The next morning before leaving the luxurious hotel, TMS16 and I were waiting outside our room for Signholder to pull the trailer around for us to load the luggage. TMS16 and I did a great impression of Shaggy and Scooby when we heard a loud explosion. We never did find out what it was or what happened. All I know was that we needed to change clothes after that. We worked in Monroe that morning and it was very slow. We kept busy by jamming to ACDC and Signholder and I two stepped to some Country songs they played. After a while Signholder disappeared. We spotted him dancing with Sparky. I think Sparky was the highlight of the trip for Signholder. I must say that Sparky is quite entertaining. Next, it was off to Shreveport. While we were in Shreveport, I saw Richard Petty. I was so excited. I grabbed Signholder by the shirt and gasped. He was clueless as to what my problem was. I then realized it was not the real Richard Petty. It was just a race fan milling in the crowd. I had to go talk with him anyway. He was a very nice man who was a long time fan of the sport. He had many stories to tell of the “old days”. There were some very nice and interesting people there. As we were packing up to leave, the Ricky Bobby Wonder Bread show car was being loaded into its trailer when it broke loose and began rolling out of the trailer. It was quite comical watching us try to stop this car as it rolling away in the parking lot.  After Shreveport, it was on the Texarkana. We drove through some construction that only left clearance for an inch on either side of the trailer. TMS16 was white knuckling the whole way through it. We arrived at our hotel and we even had our own key card this time.

Texarkana kept us very busy. We were not expecting many people to show up since it was the morning of the New Hampshire race. The store promoted us very well and there was a fabulous turnout. One guy who visited with Signholder almost the entire time, went home to get his picture albums and pictures off the wall of racing events he had attended in the past. We had a great time there but had to move on to Mt. Pleasant. It was slow I suspect due to the race being on at the same time as we were there. Many fans who did come were keeping us posted on the race. Sadly, it was time to head back to TMS. We were tired but sad to end the trip. The trip back was filled with hysterical laughter probably due to exhaustion and silly conversations we were having. I never hurt so badly from laughing in my entire life. When we arrived at TMS it was close to midnight. The only person around was a security guard. We headed to the warehouse and backed the trailer in. When Signholder was moving the truck around after unhooking from the trailer, he decided to use the rack of yellow lights on the top of the truck. We were not allowed to use them on the trip so he figured this was a good time to use and or play with them. The next thing we know the security guard came driving up with his lights on. He wanted to know what the emergency was. It was then we found out the lights were only used in emergencies. Oh well, live and learn. It was the perfect end to a perfect trip.

I must say it was fun. We had a great time meeting other race fans and talking the sport. We heard a lot of differing opinions on a lot of topics. It was just great. What a life it must be for people who do this sort of thing on a regular basis. We hope to be those people someday.
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