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NASCAR Talk! / Blaney to Cup in 2018, Menard to wood brothers team
« Last post by kimmer on July 26, 2017, 11:10:28 AM »
Just announced , Ryan Blaney to drive #12 for third team at Penske next year.

Paul menard is replacing Blaney at Wood Bros team #21

Ryan Blaney will move to a third Team Penske entry in the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series in 2018, with Paul Menard shifting to the Wood Brothers Racing team next season.

Both organizations made the joint announcement Wednesday, firming up two more partnerships in the annual “Silly Season” shuffle of driver-team pairings. Team Penske and the Wood Brothers share technical information through an alliance.

Blaney, 23, is in his third season driving the Wood Brothers’ famed No. 21 Ford. He scored his first Monster Energy Series victory earlier this year at Pocono Raceway. He will drive the No. 12 Ford Fusion next year and has blossomed into one of the sport’s young stars. He hosts a weekly podcast called “Glass Case of Emotion” on, which you can watch here.
NASCAR Talk! / Return to dirt roots, qualifying format make Eldora race special
« Last post by kimmer on July 19, 2017, 01:55:58 PM »
Return to dirt roots, qualifying format make Eldora race special

Christopher Bell isn’t the defending race winner but the 22-year-old makes a fine substitute.
Kyle Larson is elsewhere, leaving Wednesday night’s Eldora Dirt Derby (9:30 p.m. ET, Fox Business Network, MRN, SiriusXM NASCAR Radio) at historic Eldora Speedway without its defending champion. The loss is his, though. Few races in this series get drivers and fans more excited than this week’s stop for the Camping World Truck Series.
Bell’s more than a suitable stand-in, having won the race in ’15. It was his first victory in the series and he’s gone on to win four times since – including three trips to Victory Lane this year in his No. 4 Toyota for Kyle Busch Motorsports.
If Darlington Raceway hosts the official throwback weekend for NASCAR’s Monster Energy Cup Series, then the little half-mile of Eldora hosts the unofficial midweek throwback race.
Darlington has throwback paint schemes. Eldora has the throwback surface.
Dirt. Just like the old days.
It won’t be necessary to spray VHT or PJ1 or any other adhesive substance in the turns at Eldora. Just add water and race.
It took NASCAR more than two decades to wean itself from its dirt beginnings and four more until it returned.
Now it’s year five of the annual pilgrimage to the land of milk and Tony.
Tony Stewart, three-time NASCAR champ, purchased the track in 2004; it took him nearly a decade to convince officials a Truck race would be a boon to the track and to the sanctioning body.
He was correct on both counts and the fans have turned out each year in support of the unusual event.
That it is run on dirt is the biggest difference between this race and the other 22 on the schedule, of course, but the race strays off the beaten path for the series in other ways as well.
A qualifying format similar to those seen in your weekly local shows determines the lineup - there is single-vehicle qualifying but that merely sets the table for the five 10-lap qualifying races that follow. It’s stage racing with a different cast of characters each time out.
And for those still on the outside looking in following the qualifiers, there’s a 15-lap last chance race that more often than not is worth the price of admission alone.
Capping it off is the 150-lap feature that’s yet to be won more than once by any one driver. Besides Bell and Larson, previous Derby wins have gone to Darrell Wallace (’14) and Austin Dillon (’13).
Car control is crucial, but no more so than damage control. In last year’s race, Bell battled the wall nearly as hard as he battled Larson in the closing laps; in ’15 runner-up Bobby Pierce waged a furious fight with Bell but did so nearly minus a trunk lid; and in ’14 it was Larson knocking down the wall lap after lap as he tried unsuccessfully to reel in Wallace.
The Eldora Dirt Derby is different and that’s a small part of its charm as well as a large part of what keeps fans coming back year after year.
NASCAR Talk! / Eldora race format
« Last post by kimmer on July 19, 2017, 01:54:42 PM »
Eldora race format
By Staff Report July 17, 2017 at 2:37 pm

A Wednesday night NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race on dirt represents a big change from the normal schedule, but it's nothing to worry about. This "Eldora Explained" article will get you up to speed on the technical aspects of the competition, so you can sit back and enjoy the Eldora Dirt Derby, scheduled for 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox Business Network, MRN and SiriusXM NASCAR Radio.

There are two practices on the half-mile dirt track Tuesday. All of the events below take place Wednesday.

Qualifying: Two laps, single truck. Keystone Light Pole qualifying is scheduled for 5 p.m. ET on FS1. A random draw will determine the qualifying order. The fastest qualifier will be awarded the Keystone Light Pole Award, but won't necessarily start first.

The results of qualifying will determine all starting positions for the five qualifying races; the qualifying races themselves set the lineup for the race.

Qualifying Races: Five races, 10 laps each, starting at 7:30 p.m. ET on FS2, and only green-flag laps will be counted. Lineup for the qualifying races will be based on speeds from Keystone Light Pole qualifying. The top five trucks from each qualifying race will automatically transfer to the race. Upon completion of the qualifying races, 25 of the 32 trucks in the field will be set for the race.

Last Chance Qualifying Race: This race will be 15 laps, and the lineup for it will be set based on finishing position in the qualifying races. Only green flag laps will be counted, and the top two finishers of this race will fill lineup positions 26 and 27 for the race.

Lineup spots 28-31 will go to the highest-ranking eligible trucks in owner points that haven't already earned a starting position through qualifying. The 32nd lineup spot will go to the most recent eligible past series champion. If the 32nd position is not filled by an eligible champion, it will be assigned based on owner points.

Race: Divided into three stages (40, 50 and 60 laps) with competition cautions at the breaks on Laps 40 and 90. Caution laps will not count during competition cautions and positions can't be improved on pit road. Teams are not required to pit during competition cautions. Those that remain on the track will restart in front of those that pit.


1              Top finisher in Qualifying Race #1
2              Top finisher in Qualifying Race #2
3              Top finisher in Qualifying Race #3
4              Top finisher in Qualifying Race #4
5              Top finisher in Qualifying Race #5
6              Second finisher in Qualifying Race #1
7              Second finisher in Qualifying Race #2
8              Second finisher in Qualifying Race #3
9              Second finisher in Qualifying Race #4
10           Second finisher in Qualifying Race #5
11           Third finisher in Qualifying Race #1
12           Third finisher in Qualifying Race #2
13           Third finisher in Qualifying Race #3
14           Third finisher in Qualifying Race #4
15           Third finisher in Qualifying Race #5
16           Fourth finisher in Qualifying Race #1
17           Fourth finisher in Qualifying Race #2
18           Fourth finisher in Qualifying Race #3
19           Fourth finisher in Qualifying Race #4
20           Fourth finisher in Qualifying Race #5
21           Fifth finisher in Qualifying Race #1
22           Fifth finisher in Qualifying Race #2
23           Fifth finisher in Qualifying Race #3
24           Fifth finisher in Qualifying Race #4
25           Fifth finisher in Qualifying Race #5
26           Top finisher in Last Chance
27           Second finisher in Last Chance
28           Owner points
29           Owner points
30           Owner points
31           Owner points
32           Past series champ/owner points

NASCAR Talk! / Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Top 10 Drivers and Track History
« Last post by kimmer on July 19, 2017, 01:43:17 PM »
Top 10 Driver Ratings at Indianapolis

Jimmie Johnson...................... 105.7
 Kyle Busch.............................. 105.5
 Kyle Larson............................. 104.8
 Matt Kenseth............................ 98.3
 Kevin Harvick............................ 97.1
 Kasey Kahne............................ 95.0
 Denny Hamlin............................ 92.4
 Joey Logano............................. 90.1
 Brad Keselowski........................ 88.3
 Clint Bowyer.............................. 82.4
 Note: Driver Ratings compiled from 2005-2016 races (12 total) among active drivers at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.


· Indianapolis Motor Speedway has existed since 1909, and is the original "Speedway," the first racing facility to incorporate the word into its name.
 · With a permanent seating capacity for more than 250,000-plus people and infield seating that raises capacity to an approximate 400,000, it is the largest and highest-capacity sporting facility in history.
 · The first Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at Indianapolis Motor Speedway was August 6, 1994 - won by Jeff Gordon (Chevrolet).
 · There have been 23 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway; one per year from 1994 through 2016.

NASCAR Talk! / Report: Dodge Won't Return to NASCAR
« Last post by kimmer on July 17, 2017, 06:47:31 PM »
Report: Dodge Won't Return to NASCAR
Jul 15, 2017, staff

It was ostensibly a press conference for Ferrari's 2016 Finali Mondiali at Daytona International Speedway last December 4, but perhaps the biggest revelation to come out of that presser concerned NASCAR, with Sergio Marchionne, chief executive officer of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, saying he was interested in getting Chrysler, most likely Dodge, back into NASCAR.
This came as a surprise to Dodge employees at the highest level. But given Marchionne's revelation, the company did its due diligence, researching what a return to NASCAR would involve. Company executives met with NASCAR officials more than once, including a meeting at this year's North American International Auto Show.

After all, it was Marchionne who in 2012 made the decision to pull the plug on NASCAR, leaving the Sprint Cup series with just three manufacturers: Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota. He said during that press conference that, at the time, he was trying to balance the books at Chrysler and NASCAR was an expense he could not justify. That said, Dodge had only a two-car team with Roger Penske, and won the season championship with Brad Keselowski.

Dodge had a deal with Andretti Autosport to take over Dodge in 2013, but that stalled with Marchionne's final decision.

Marchionne said at the Ferrari press conference that the books are balanced, and it may be time to come back.

"I had dinner with Jim France last night," Marchionne said, referring to the executive vice president of NASCAR, "and we discussed the possibility."

Unfortunately for Dodge loyalists, the analysis regarding a return to the sport showed that it would be too complex and, more importantly, too expensive. Part of the problem would be finding a team with top-tier engine-building capability-and there just aren't many choices now that the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup series has consolidated engine-building among a handful of teams (Or in Toyota's case, the company itself.) Dodge would prefer to supply the engine specifications and have the engines built by the team, like they were at Penske. But there are minimal options.

Also, re-creating the infrastructure to race at NASCAR's highest level-which Dodge did gradually starting with the NASCAR Camping World truck series before entering the Cup series in 2001 with the help of then-flush Dodge dealers-would be prohibitively expensive. The bottom line: perhaps the company could afford to return to NASCAR, as Marchionne suggested, but that doesn't mean it would make financial sense.

Dodge left NASCAR on top, as they did when they dropped the Dodge Viper program from the American Le Mans Series immediately after winning a season championship. The company has now reallocated its motorsports support to the National Hot Rod Association, where Dodge- and Mopar-backed teams are doing well in Funny Car and Top Fuel.

Like he did in 2012, Marchionne could conceivably overrule the recommendation that Dodge not return to NASCAR, but that seems unlikely. Nor is Volkswagen, which came very close to fielding a Cup car based on the Passat, likely to reconsider its decision to not join the series. And for those holding out hope that Honda/Acura might race in NASCAR-always a very abstract possibility-that became more of a long shot this week when Roger Penske and Acura announced they would race in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship series, the NASCAR-affiliated sports car - sanctioning body.
So unless a manufacturer comes out of left field with the money and dedication to make a NASCAR program work, it appears that NASCAR will have to make do with Ford, Chevrolet, and Toyota. As one Dodge employee suggested: "We don't want to come back and embarrass ourselves."
--- full article at TheDrive by Steve Cole Smith ---
Kyle Busch says he will retire from the XFINITY Series after 100 wins
Jul 15, 2017, Staff

Retirement is not that far off for Kyle Busch. Xfinity Series retirement, that is.
Busch revealed on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio after winning the Overton's 200 Saturday afternoon he will be done with Xfinity competition when he hits a magic number. Right now, Busch is the winningest driver in the series with 89 career wins.
"I thought today was 90, but I just got 88 last week [at Kentucky], so I don't know why I forget that, but hopefully next week [Indianapolis] is 90 and we can continue this on," Busch said. "Retirement is fast approaching; looking forward to that."
But when exactly will that be? "When I get to 100 Xfinity wins, I'm done," said Busch.
NASCAR Talk! / Re: NASCAR (and more) on TV - 2017
« Last post by kimmer on July 17, 2017, 06:36:50 PM »
NASCAR on TV (Trucks at Eldora WEDNESDAY night)

Wednesday, July 19
05:00 PM: NASCAR America      NBCSN
05:00 PM: NCWTS Eldora qualifying      FS1
07:30 PM: NCWTS Eldora qualifying races      FS2
09:00 PM: NCWTS SetUp      FOX Business
09:30 PM: NCWTS Eldora race (stage laps: 40/90/150)      FOX Business
Thursday, July 20
06:30 AM; NCWTS Eldora qualifying races (re-air)      FS1
08:00 AM; NCWTS Eldora race (re-air)      FS1
05:00 PM: NASCAR America      NBCSN
06:30 PM: NASCAR Race Hub      FS1
Friday, July 21
01:00 PM: NXS Indianapolis practice      NBC Sports App
03:00 PM: NXS Indianapolis final practice      NBC Sports App
05:00 PM: NASCAR Special      NBCSN
Saturday, July 22
09:00 AM; MENCS Indianapolis practice      CNBC
11:00 AM; MENCS Indianapolis final practice      CNBC
12:30 PM: NXS Indianapolis qualifying      NBCSN
02:00 PM: MENCS Indianapolis final practice (re-air)      NBCSN
03:00 PM: NXS Countdown to Green      NBCSN
03:30 PM: NXS Lilly Diabetes 250 race (stage laps:   30 / 60 / 100)   NBCSN
06:00 PM: MENCS Indianapolis qualifying      NBCSN
Sunday, July 23
12:30 PM: NASCAR RaceDay      FS1
02:00 PM: MENCS Countdown to Green      NBC
02:30 PM: MENCS Brantley Gilbert Big Machine Brickyard 400 race (stage laps: 50/100/160)      NBC
06:00 PM: MENCS Post Race Show      NBC
11:00 PM: NASCAR Victory Lane      FS1

NASCAR Talk! / Harvicks announce baby No. 2 due in 2018
« Last post by kimmer on July 11, 2017, 09:54:08 PM »
Harvicks announce baby No. 2 due in 2018

Kevin Harvick and his wife, DeLana, revealed some big news in their family Tuesday, with an assist provided by their son, Keelan, a soon-to-be big brother.
“I’m going to have a baby sister,” the 5-year-old Keelan said on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio’s “Happy Hours” program, co-hosted by Kevin Harvick and Matt Yocum.
“Keelan obviously broke the news tonight,” said the elder Harvick, the 2014 champion of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series.
Harvick said the news started to trickle out over the last few days. The Harvicks first told friends and family at a weekend birthday party for DeLana, who turned 44 on Friday, and Keelan, who reached age 5 on Saturday. Then, with some prodding from teammate Clint Bowyer, the news spread into Monday’s competition meeting at Stewart-Haas Racing.
“I told DeLana, I said you know what? Keelan’s going to tell everybody because he seems to be pretty excited about the situation and everything that’s going on,” Harvick said, explaining the decision to make the news public Tuesday evening, both on SiriusXM and his social media channels.
Harvick indicated that the family’s second child is due in 2018.
NASCAR Talk! / Re: NASCAR (and more) on TV - 2017
« Last post by kimmer on July 11, 2017, 01:58:34 PM »
Cup and Xfinity only. Trucks are off.
Friday, July 14
 11:30 AM: MENCS New Hampshire practice      NBC Sports App
 12:00 PM: MENCS New Hampshire practice      NBCSN
 01:00 PM: NXS New Hampshire practice      NBCSN
 03:00 PM: NXS New Hampshire final practice      NBCSN
 04:00 PM: NASCAR America      NBCSN
 04:30 PM: MENCS New Hampshire qualifying      NBCSN

Saturday, July 15
 10:00 AM: MENCS New Hampshire practice      NBC Sports App
 11:00 AM: NXS New Hampshire qualifying      CNBC
 12:30 PM: MENCS New Hampshire final practice      NBCSN
 01:30 PM: NASCAR Scan All Special: Talladega, Kansas, Charlotte      NBCSN
 03:30 PM: NXS Countdown to Green      NBCSN
 04:00 PM: NXS New Hampshire race (stage laps: 45 / 90 / 200)     NBCSN

Sunday, July 16
 12:00 PM: NASCAR RaceDay      FS1
 12:30 PM: MENCS New Hampshire qualifying re-air      NBCSN
 01:30 PM: NASCAR America Sunday      NBCSN
 02:30 PM: MENCS Countdown to Green      NBCSN
 03:00 PM: MENCS New Hampshire race (Stage laps: 75/150/301)      NBCSN
 06:30 PM: MENCS Post-Race Show      NBCSN
NASCAR Talk! / More Saturday-Sunday shows?
« Last post by kimmer on July 06, 2017, 01:29:42 PM »
More Saturday-Sunday shows? (from Jayski)

NASCAR will have some two-day shows for Sunday races coming up where NASCAR Cup cars are on the track for only Saturday and Sunday. At Indianapolis, that means qualifying in the early evening Saturday after the Xfinity Series race. At Pocono, Watkins Glen and Martinsville, that means qualifying the same day as the race.

It will be interesting to see if fans will like the new format. Watkins Glen is on pace to sell as many tickets as it did in its successful weekend last year, so that might not be the best measure. Pocono and Martinsville could be more of the barometers if it works.

Teams could like it, although a NASCAR Cup garage that is open from 6:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturday at Indianapolis -- that race won't be an impound race while the others will be -- probably isn't going to get much love.

The other races will be impound events with such little time between qualifying and the race. It seems to work fine for the Camping World Truck Series and the Xfinity Series, even when there is an occasional wreck in qualifying that forces a team to scramble to bring out a backup car.

Maybe the biggest question is if it does work for the tracks that do it: Will other tracks decide it will work for them or be afraid to pull the trigger based on tradition and the belief they need qualifying on another day to potentially attract fans who can't afford nor attend Sunday?
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